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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Daily Driver

I bought my first leather jacket at Bloomingdales. It was the brand Aqua and I kind of now consider it as a sort of training jacket to the one I most recently bought and wear almost everyday (weather permitting). It was a little too big and I was a little too small for it, but it was on sale and it was real leather. I thought it would be great with an over-sized sweater. A leather jacket for someone trying to broaden their wardrobe or sense of style can at first seem a bit daunting. You don’t want to look like your trying too hard to look edgy. So I bought that leather to sort of dip my toes in and try out a new look. Last spring, I finally found the perfect leather jacket that I knew I would live in. It was probably one of the more expensive articles of outerwear I ever bought for myself at around 600 bucks, but it has more than paid for itself by now. I loved it so much I bought it when I knew I’d have to wait until next fall to even really start wearing it. All Saints (where I got it) makes the perfect jacket at the perfect price point. Expensive enough that it will last and you’ll appreciate it, but not so expensive that you regret your decision. I love my jacket with a simple v-neck tee, but when it gets colder my favorite things to pair it with are the American Apparel infinity scarf (I have one in black, gray, army green, and navy), an oversized flannel shirt (preferably stolen from my brother), and my favorite and softest pair of black skinny jeans by Paige denim. 

Walker leather biker jacket $630

Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt, Traditional Fit $39.95

Boyfriend v-neck tee in graphite $24.50

The Unisex Circle Scarf $28.00
Skyline skinny jean in black ink $158
Smith Harness Short $348

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