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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black as Night, Pink as Day

Although I typically have a propensity towards wearing black and grey, lately I've been catching myself looking twice at hot pink accents and accessories. While it's still true I wouldn't go as far as to wear pink pants or a pink shirt (although I did admire a bright pink cashmere sweater I came across at J. Crew) I have been having an internal struggle lately as to whether or not I should buy a classic two-toned Kate Spade watch, a pink faced Marc Jacobs gold watch, or a pink accented Kate Spade watch. Of course the classic watch will go with everything and never mismatch an outfit. It's also reminiscent of my mother's two-toned Seiko watch from the 80s  that she gave me (I've been wearing that Seiko for years). But the question still remains, will my wrist look pretty in pink? Or will I regret buying so bold of a watch? Check out the sleek time pieces I'm considering below.


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