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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Style Spotter #37

Bold pants make a bold statement, as Chanel Daye proves with her bright emerald cigarette pants from H&M. She pairs these with an assortment of pieces also from H&M, including a white button-down and a pair of shiny leopard-print smoking slippers. She completes her look with a vintage open collar blazer and an array of accessories that include an eye-catching gold Michael Kors boyfriend watch, a gold nameplate necklace, gold laser cut-out earrings and, of course, a classic Gucci wallet. This business major describes her style as business casual, and states that she typically dresses diversely and sometimes even bohemian. “I am a fan of H&M and designer-wise I truly do adore Burberry,” she says. When it comes to fall trends this year, Daye explains she is looking forward to the boots. “All kinds of boots: cowboy, thigh-high; flat boots, combat boots. But I hate white boots.” Daye leaves us with some inspirational fashion advice. “It doesn’t matter where you get your clothes, it just matters how you wear them.”

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