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Monday, February 27, 2012

Orange is the New Black

Orange, in many ways is clearly a neutral. The way it goes with black, grays, blues, even hunter green is absolutely uncanny. In its similarity to camel and other shades of tan or brown it can truly be considered a neutral. I have recently purchased the "Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel" from Coach in "Brass." It is clearly an orange leather bag, and its popularity has reached a new hight. Sold out on the Coach website, try looking for it on ebay and you'll see it's selling for close to $500 (the bag itself is really worth ($398). Obviously at this price point Coach has gotten both this shade of orange and the quality and form of its leather right. The Madison Leather collection seems to be a higher end version of the Coach bags we have grown so used to over the years, and the Lindsey Satchel itself is a superb example of a slouchy and trendy leather satchel.  

Ali Larter and her Madison Gathered Leather Coach  
Mary-Kate Olsen with a similar shaded purse 

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