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Monday, February 6, 2012

Never fear, "Stay All Day" is here

I think one of the more important things a girl should learn in her life is how to do her eyeliner (liquid eyeliner that is) with a steady hand. Of course this may take years of practice almost as many as it takes one to obtain the skill needed to do ones own nails, but nevertheless it remains a most useful study. I have of course spent years on perfecting my cat-eye but as might be expected there have been bumps along the way. Having become a serious user of crayon eyeliner in the 8th grade, I then moved onto black liquid eyeliner in my college years. Afflicted by a troubling past of blue eyeliner from my high school days looming at feet, it was time to step over my misfortunes and dawn a new era. I spent nearly two years recovering form my "dark blue days" and of course it wasn't easy. Numerous q-tips were on hand for every time I misstepped. However I am pleased to inform you I have recently discovered the existence of a make-up miracle that makes it relatively easy to put on liquid eyeliner, even for a beginner. Available at Sephora, Stila's "Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner" promises not to smudge or chip away for a whole day's wear. It also promises us that it is waterproof. This however, is doubtful for there is no such thing I assure you.

Stila "Stay All Day" liquid eyeliner, Sephora $20

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