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Monday, February 6, 2012

Chanel 3176 eyeglasses

I've recently made an appointment with an eye doctor. Not because I can't see, or have trouble viewing things, but because I think that a trendy pair of eyeglasses are the perfect addition to a fashionable wardrobe. And I believe the trendiest pair that one can buy, is none other than the Chanel 3176 eyeglasses. They may be expensive, but they're classic. So classic that you can wear them for years to come and not feel as though your eyewear has become "out of date" or "uncool." My personal favorite colors/shades that the optics come in are colors 501(basic black), 502 (tortoise shell) and the sleeper hit here, 677 (transparent gray). I feel smarter just thinking about my new pair of shades.

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