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Monday, December 10, 2012

Fashion as Fine Art

Legendary fashion and celebrity photographer, Mario Testino, blends fashion and fine art through his current exhibit, In Your Face, now on display at the Museum of Fine Art’s Gund Gallery.
Testino, best known for his photography of models and celebrities such as Kate Moss, Princess Diana, Gisele Bundchen and Lady Gaga, has contributed to magazines, including Vogue and Vanity Fair for years. He has become renowned for his photography style and images.
The exhibit, described as a “lively merger of museum and popular culture” by the MFA, juxtaposes black and white images with color, candids with photo shoots and nudes with fashion.
Immediately beyond the entrance to the Gund Gallery, there is a giant screen showing split images of Testino at various award shows, in the news and of prominent figures in the fashion world reflecting on working with him. Crossing through the double glass doors into the space where the photography is housed feels like walking through a giant glossy magazine - exactly how Testino hoped the gallery would feel.
Testino was very involved with the production of In Your Face. He said, “The way I work is intuitive, from composing and cropping an image-down to the size of the print and the color and style of the frame. I make certain prints very large to fill the viewer’s vision the way a photograph can fill an entire page.”
His placement of color next to black and white makes both types of images pop, and the different styles of images he used displayed the beautiful colors and contrasts within the various pictures. All photographs in the exhibit were digitally produced chromogenic C type prints or fiber based silver gelatin prints which served to make them subtly glow.
The photographs included recognizable images such as Lady Gaga’s March 2011 cover of Vogue and Madonna’s 1998 album cover of Ray of Light, candid shots of Kate Moss and Stephanie Seymour backstage at a Paris fashion show in 1999 and unexpected images of English singer-songwriter, Robbie Williams, wearing a sparkled British flag bikini top in London in 2000.
Testino tends to photograph unexpected images of men doing feminine things, such as putting on a dress, red lipstick or a pair of strappy heels. He also enjoys photographing celebrities doing things that would be seen out of character for them, such as Jennifer Lopez dressed in men’s boxing gear and swinging.
“I want to surprise,” said Testino. “I push boundaries to provoke, to break down perfection, to find the unique moment. That’s what makes the photograph work for me.”
Testino pushed Gisele Bundchen’s career towards stardom, saw something in Kate Moss that others couldn’t see yet and revived Gucci as a fashion house with his provocative ad campaigns. He also earned the trust of many celebrities, including the British Royals (his smaller exhibit, The British Royals, is on display upstairs).
You cannot help but respond to Testino’s images, and when walking through In Your Face, you feel as though you are walking through Testino’s fantasy world, where everything sparkles and provokes. His style is perfection, the lighting is unparalled and the photographs are art.
In Your Face will remain on display at the MFA now through Feb. 3, 2013. The British Royal Portraits can be seen now through June 16, 2013.

Holiday Cocktails: Festive recipes you can enjoy at home

Whether you’re hosting a holiday cocktail party with friends or just want to enjoy some cozy libations, this winter cocktail list will be sure to get you through the winter season.
Eggnog Martini:
This is a killer twist on a holiday classic. Add 2 ounces of a brandy of your choice and mix with 3 ounces of homemade or store-bought eggnog. Shake over ice and strain into a martini glass garnished with either pumpkin spice or cinnamon. Add a cinnamon stick for an extra festive touch.
Hot Toddy:

This drink is perfect for any cold winter day and also does the trick when you’re feeling under the weather. Add 1 ounce of brandy, whiskey or rum to a mug. Next, add 1 tablespoon honey, some cloves, and pour in the hot water. Squeeze in a small amount of lemon juice and then garnish with an additional lemon wedge.
Spiked Apple Cider:

This recipe makes a total of four servings. First heat 2 quarts of apple cider with 2 cloves and 2 cinnamon sticks. Add a shot of brandy to one of the four mugs and pour in your cider. Sprinkle a little nutmeg and add an orange twist to garnish.
Gingerbread Martini:

Who needs cookies when you can have a martini? First shake 1 ½ ounces Kahlua, Goldsschlager and Bailey’s Irish Cream with ¾ ounce vanilla-flavored vodka over ice. Strain into a martini glass garnished with whipped cream, cinnamon and a small gingerbread cookie.
Bailey’s Irish Coffee

This one’s easy, and with winter break coming up you’ll have something to look forward to every morning when you wake up. Add one shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream to your favorite mug, fill with coffee of your choice and top with whipped cream. Yum.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wathoo Siwapornchai: Dec. 4, 2012

Sophomore biology major, Wathoo Siwapornchai looks cute and girly, wearing a sheer black blouse with an embellished collar purchased at a Thai flea market, a red tweed mini-skirt from, and black tights from Forever 21. She combines all of this with a pair of black leather boots from and a neutral oversized tote also from Siwapornchai says she admires Rachel Bilson’s style and looks to for inspiration, as well as just “looking around the street.” Siwapornchai shops at websites like, and, and states, “It’s fun to mix and match because you never know what might look good.”

Jojo Mawejje: Nov. 14, 2012

Looking chic and urban, Jojo Mawejje, a senior psychology major, wears a white and gold striped tank purchased at Nordstom, H&M black leggings and open cardigan, and a cream wraparound scarf, also from Nordstrom. All of this she pairs with some Steve Madden brown mid-calf boots, a copper-brown satchel, gold Michael Kors boyfriend watch and three Alex and Ani bangles. Mawejje describes her style as “trendy and energetic. I like things that are energetic, not dull.” This fashionable lady shops at ASOS, Nordstrom, Express, H&M and Marshalls and states that she is inspired by people she sees on the street and by trendy magazines. Mawejje leaves us with some fashion words of wisdom, “As long as you feel comfortable and you look good, that’s all that matters, it doesn’t matter where you got it.” Well said, Jojo, well said.

Ivie Igbineweka: Oct. 31, 2012

Ivie Igbineweka, a senior political science major, looks stylish and put together wearing a flowy patterned shirt from Forever 21 layered over a black H&M tank, H&M skinny fit khakis and a classic fitted trench coat. Her accessories include black lace-up wedge booties by Nine West, a large black leather tote from Marshall’s, silver choker necklace from H&M and a fun and colorful headscarf. Igbineweka describes her style as girly and says, “I’m into a lot of colors and things that flatter my body.” She also states that she likes to shop at H&M, London-based website ASOS, Igbineweka says she finds inspiration for her style in her fashion icons Beyonce and Nicole Richie. Igbineweka’s fashion advice to us? “I don’t really like following trends, don’t let trends change the way you style yourself.”

Juan Gaspar: Oct. 4, 2012

Sitting outside the Campus Center looking polished and fabulous, Juan Gaspar wears a gray H&M blazer, maroon-hued jeans from Zara and a white and gray striped t-shirt. He matches all of this with a pair of classic brown leather loafers by Cole Haan, a black linen scarf from Gap and some seriously stylish aviators from H&M. This senior psychology major gathers inspiration from GQ Magazine’s website, especially, he says, from the street style section. He describes his style as “very urban but also clean cut” and declares, “I always have a scarf on during the fall and winter.” Gaspar enjoys shopping on Newbury St. at stores such as Zara, H&M and French Connection and claims that his favorite fall trend is the denim jacket. When asked if he had any style advice for us, he said, “I feel like everyone should own a blazer…and a scarf.”

Chloe Kim: Sept. 19, 2012

Chloe Kim, a senior marketing major, showcases her dark and trendy style with lots of black and plenty of leather. Kim wears a basic white v-neck tee underneath a leather jacket from Guess, black leggings and a beige linen scarf purchased from Zara. She pairs all this with a black leather flap bag accentuated with metal studs from Urban Expressions and a pair of open peep-toe booties from Tom Boy. “My style is a little bit urban, I like leather,” says Kim, who also admits to stores like Zara and Guess being among her favorite places to shop. For inspiration Kim looks to blogs such as Song of Style and Ring My Bell. “I read a lot of blogs to find styles I like; also look-books.” When asked which fall trends she is loving the most right now Kim replied, “Leather, studs and gold.”

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Your Fall Trends Forecast: See which trends are making a come back, which ones are making a splash and what’s here to stay

Urban hat, Marc Jacobs bag, Aqua leather jacket, forever 21 maxi skirt and Steve Madden Boots

1) Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens have been around since before some of us were even born and although they have kept a steady presence it looks like they’re regaining some of that intense 90s popularity. A staple of the grunge and British punk scenes, these iconic boots were originally designed by Dr. Klaus Märtens for comfort.  Today you can try Dr. Martens with a pair of skinny jeans and a chunky sweater. Surprisingly easy to wear, these shoes are a daily go to and it looks like they’re here to stay.

2) High-Low Hems

Some people recognize it as ‘the mullet skirt,’ I prefer referring to it as ‘high-low.’ This trend first picked up speed this past summer, and it looks now as if it’s going to continue through the fall. Pair this skirt with some tights and tall leather boots for a look that easily transitions your summer wardrobe into fall.

3) The Maxi Skirt

Another popular hem is that of the maxi skirt which has been going mainstream since last spring.  This skirt too is easily transitioned from summer to fall, even all the way into winter. Pair a maxi skirt with a long-sleeved knit or sweater, chunky mid-calf boots and a cropped leather jacket for a look that’s fool proof and warm.

4) Leather Goods

Leather is going to be everywhere, and if you haven’t already invested in a go-to leather jacket, it’s probably time that you do. Whether it’s leather pants, leather skirts, or leather boots, leather is certainly in. Booties and short motorcycle boots are also popular fall footwear choices with both options looking great with either jeans or a skirt. And remember you don’t have to buy real leather; vegan leather is also an option made available by many stores and clothing companies.

5) White Light

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Probably the same person that told you not to wear black with blue. (Note black and blue is also a major trend for fall).  Winter white is huge this season and can be seen on the runways of Derek Lam, Alexander Wang and J. Mendel. Layer white on white and add accessories for an icy cool look.

6) The Return of the Pointy Toe Pump 

Pointy toe pumps are back! This classic style stiletto is making a major comeback after having been overshadowed by rounded toe and thicker heeled pumps the last few years. Always sexy and ever elegant these shoes are sure to become your next go to style.

Style Spotter #37

Bold pants make a bold statement, as Chanel Daye proves with her bright emerald cigarette pants from H&M. She pairs these with an assortment of pieces also from H&M, including a white button-down and a pair of shiny leopard-print smoking slippers. She completes her look with a vintage open collar blazer and an array of accessories that include an eye-catching gold Michael Kors boyfriend watch, a gold nameplate necklace, gold laser cut-out earrings and, of course, a classic Gucci wallet. This business major describes her style as business casual, and states that she typically dresses diversely and sometimes even bohemian. “I am a fan of H&M and designer-wise I truly do adore Burberry,” she says. When it comes to fall trends this year, Daye explains she is looking forward to the boots. “All kinds of boots: cowboy, thigh-high; flat boots, combat boots. But I hate white boots.” Daye leaves us with some inspirational fashion advice. “It doesn’t matter where you get your clothes, it just matters how you wear them.”

Style Spotter #37

Freshman economics major, Emily Yin displays her polished and mature back to school style with an ensemble both sophisticated and feminine. Yin wears a mustard yellow ruffled top with a coordinating silk scarf by Landing and a black mini skirt from Banana Republic. She matches all of this to a pair of lust-worthy gold flats by Jimmy Choo and the classic Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM tote. Yin says her style depends on her mood but that she prefers classic clothing with clean lines. Her favorite store to shop is Barneys New York and she gathers inspiration from magazines like Vogue, Teen Vogue and Japanese fashion magazine ‘Vivi.’ Her fashion advice to us? “I think just always go with classic because it’s never going to be out of style.” So true.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Style Spotter #36

We spotted Nannan Chen, a management major, in the Healy library looking fierce and fabulous on route to studying for finals. Chen’s outfit consisted of a fun and flirty faux leopard print jacket from H&M, body hugging pleather leggings by Guess, and a simple black sweater underneath it all, also purchased from H&M. Her silver accented platform sandals were bought at Nine West and her cream-colored handbag from a store in China. Chen likes to shop at places on Newbury Street and in the Prudential Mall, specifically Zara, Guess and Forever 21. “The style [at these stores] is very young and fashionable,” Chen said. She further described her own style as being “free” and said she gathers information from various Chinese magazines and blogs. Chen listed her favorite designers as Dior and Chanel and claims that her favorite item in her closet right now is and remains her Dior “Lady Dior” handbag in black patent leather.

Style Spotter #35

Anna Lisina, a freshman management major, claims to be seemingly uninterested in fashion, yet she managed to put together a stylish and polished look almost effortlessly. Lisina wore a beige fitted blazer and white tank from Club Monaco, American Eagle skinny jeans and belt, all with black suede Carlo Pazolini flats and the “Hamilton Large North South” tote in tangerine leather by MICHAEL Michael Kors. Lisina described her style as “kind of urban, kind of chic” and says she likes to shop at stores like Club Monaco, Banana Republic and Armani Exchange because of the style you come across while shopping there. She says when choosing an outfit she likes to mix and match and wear whatever fits. “I like jeans and different blazers. Blazers are my passion; I love blazers.” When asked what she is looking forward to wearing this summer Lisina said, “summer dresses, skirts, tops, bathing suits -everything!”

Style Spotter #34

Business management major and clothing designer Shatwuan Lewis looked sharp and sophisticated wearing a pair of black fitted jeans from H&M and a burnt orange blazer also from H&M over a chambray shirt by Club Room purchased at Macy’s. Underneath everything Lewis sported a subtle white button down from his own line, City Apples Clothing. He paired all of these items with a newsboy cap bought at a boutique in Miami, diamond studs from a store in Montreal, and a pair of Polo boots. Lewis likes to shop at places like H&M, The Tannery and Karmaloop and describes his style as “very diverse, unique, and urban.” “My style makes up my day. However I dress is how I feel that day,” Lewis said. Make sure to keep an eye out for his clothing line, City Apples, with friend Matt Herrara launching April 27. Concerning fashion, Lewis offered advice to fellow peers, “Be yourself, be different. Don’t think about what other people might think.”

Style Spotter #33

Nursing major Samantha Cothias was a vision in white and royal blue. Cothias paired elegant lines and colors for a look that is both simple and chic. She wore dark skinny jeans from Arden B., and a sheer quarter-sleeve top from Francesca’s over a lacey white tank from American Eagle. She paired all of this with open-toed wedge booties from Nordstrom and a terrific royal blue satchel by Emma Fox.  Cothias added a touch of sparkle to all of this by also wearing a stand out boyfriend watch in gold from Style+co, a diamond gold bangle from Nordstrom, and a tasteful necklace from Kay Jewelers. She described her style as always changing. “As long as it is cute, fits me well, and flatters my body I will wear it.” She said she likes to shop at stores like Arden B., Nordstrom, and Francesca’s Collection because it is “very flowy and feminine.” Cothias’ favorite item in her closet right now? “The shoes I’m wearing. I like booties and opened-toed shoes.”

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Things: Check out the trends and styles from right off the Spring 2012 Fashion Week runways

It’s been decided, with spring fashion weeks having already taken place in the most fashionable cities in the world, it’s time to reveal which looks have created the most buzz and report on which trends will have mainstream staying power this spring.

Bold Florals

Flower prints are huge this spring as seen on the runways of Alexander Wang, Rodarte and Jason Wu. These bold and colorful patterns look great as statement pieces or head to toe. Pair with solid colors such as black to create a colorful and wearable look or stand out by wearing these plucky prints by themselves as an eye-catching floral dress that’s perfect for spring.
Jason Wu
Pale Pastels

Pastels are a no-brainer when it comes to spring. This year fresh and minty greens, subtly sunny yellows and delicately rosy pinks dominated the runways of designers such as Chanel, Prada, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Wearing pastels is a subtle and adorable way to add some color to your wardrobe this season. Solid pieces like tank tops or accessories like delicately colored purses look great and add flare to any look.
Calvin Klein
Modern Flapper

“The Great Gatsby” is a great book and sure to be a great movie. With its premiere looming over 2012 we’re not surprised that the 1920s era flapper look is regaining popularity as well. Designers everywhere are modernizing the iconic and independent style. The glitz, glamour and elegance of these fringy looks hit the catwalks hard appearing in powerhouse shows like Marc Jacobs, Marchesa and Fendi.
Tory Burch

Even the usually demure Donna Karan, always-ladylike Oscar de la Renta, and understated Burberry ventured to run with these saphari and tribal inspired prints and accessories. The look is surprisingly wearable too. Add a tribal necklace or clutch to a basic outfit and watch it transform from blah to instantly chic.
Donna Karan 

Having been named the 2012 color of the year by Pantone, you’ll certainly be seeing “tangerine tango” everywhere you look this spring. Orange is truly the new black and in many ways is also clearly a neutral. The way it goes with black, grays, blues and even green is absolutely uncanny. Add a pop of fresh color with a fun and flirty orange hued purse or wear it by alone as an energetic dress as seen at the Christian Siriano, Jenny Packham or Jill Stuart shows.
Christian Siriano
Red lips

Don’t get me wrong, red lips can be a year-round staple too, but judging by this year’s spring 2012 runway shows, red is having a comeback moment and it’s huge. What other way can you easily and effortlessly dress up an outfit or look instantaneously sophisticated than with a dash of red lipstick? Red lips are classic as seen on models walking for Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Jason Wu. Just remember not to go overboard and to keep the rest of your make-up simple.
 Keep these popular trends in mind when going shopping for your spring wardrobe this season and you won’t go wrong. Use them as guidelines and make them yours with your own creativity and style. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Style Spotter #32

Wearing one of our favorite winter to spring transitional looks (and pulling it off), Luisa Guzman shows off her legs without showing off too much skin in this temperamental March weather. The senior business major pairs black tights from Target with a pair of jean shorts purchased at The United Colors of Benetton. Guzman adds more layers to her look by wearing a navy t-shirt from American Apparel, worn under a hooded sweatshirt from H&M, underneath a black leather jacket from Urban Outfitters. Her accessories include a fun and bright yellow tote from Besimon, subtle black bejeweled flats by Van Zeeland, and a solid red pashmina scarf. Guzman describes her style as “urban, comfortable, and a little bit edgy.” She adds that she is a self-proclaimed “sale hunter,” saying she typically likes to shop wherever there is a sale. She gathers inspiration for her looks from magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, and Vogue and is looking forward to wearing “a lot of colors, dresses, and showing off a little skin” this spring.   

Style Spotter #31

Yuki Hayibara, a biology major in her senior year, displays her cute and interesting style by pairing a long white tie sweater with black H&M leggings, a dark fur circle scarf, along with gray Tory Burch suede loafers, and the Heart Collection hobo by Burberry. “[My style is] casual and simple. I like clean colors and lines,” said Hayibara. Hayibara likes to shop at places around Back Bay including H&M and Club Monaco.  She explained, “I don’t read magazines. I simply just go to stores. I also observe what other people are wearing.” She likes “simple things and wearing what makes [her] feel confident.” She says about fashion, “It’s not fashionable if it doesn’t fit you or your personality.” Fashion advice to live by. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Limited Edition Vogue Beach Towel

Whilst flipping through pages of Vogue's March 2012 issue, I came across an advertisement for a limited edition Vogue beach towel sold at the Conde Nast (Vogue's publisher's) website. The towel is large and oversized (120x 180 cm) with a vibrant red border, bold white letters spelling out "Vogue" in the top center, and features Eduardo Garcia Benito's illustration of a flapper which graced the July 15, 1926 edition of the magazine. This art deco beach towel seems like it would be a must have item for Summer 2012- that is until you look at the price tag...
Vogue Beach Towel $450

Monday, February 27, 2012

Orange is the New Black

Orange, in many ways is clearly a neutral. The way it goes with black, grays, blues, even hunter green is absolutely uncanny. In its similarity to camel and other shades of tan or brown it can truly be considered a neutral. I have recently purchased the "Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel" from Coach in "Brass." It is clearly an orange leather bag, and its popularity has reached a new hight. Sold out on the Coach website, try looking for it on ebay and you'll see it's selling for close to $500 (the bag itself is really worth ($398). Obviously at this price point Coach has gotten both this shade of orange and the quality and form of its leather right. The Madison Leather collection seems to be a higher end version of the Coach bags we have grown so used to over the years, and the Lindsey Satchel itself is a superb example of a slouchy and trendy leather satchel.  

Ali Larter and her Madison Gathered Leather Coach  
Mary-Kate Olsen with a similar shaded purse 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NYC Living

Recently over my last winter break, my boyfriend and I decided to take a few days to go to NYC together. Now, I haven't been to New York since I was maybe fourteen years old, and even then only visited Times Square (most likely). This new trip was enough to strike a strong newfound love for me and the city. I love the ambiance, the atmosphere, the sheer massiveness of NYC. Most of all, I like its style and grace. NYC is definitely where it's at.

Style Spotter #30

Hikari Izumi, a senior management major, dons an ensemble full of earthy colors and sandy tones. Izumi is wearing copper-hued corduroy pants purchased from online website Nasty Gal, a cream burnout t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, and a gray zippered hoodie layered under a military inspired jacket from Japanese store, Spiral Girl. She matches this outfit with a pair of lace-up tan boots by Steve Madden, and dresses it up with a necklace from LF and an array of statement rings in various sizes and metals. She describes her style as casual, saying she has “a more boyish” look and likes sticking to neutral and monotone colors. Her inspiration comes from reading magazines, like Nylon and Vogue and she looks up to Kate Moss’s fashion sense adding that Moss “has a cool style.” Izumi likes to shop at Urban Outfitters, LF, and Topshop because “they’re not too girly and they have a lot of casual clothes.” Her favorite item in her closet right now is a chambray button down bought at a Japanese thrift store… very cool.

Style Spotter #29

Chloe, a freshman political science major, shows off her edgy yet sophisticated style with an outfit both dark and cool. Chloe wears a black button down chiffon blouse from Urban Outfitters, high-wasted lace shorts also from Urban, and a tight leather jacket from INC. She coordinates all this with a pair of black leather pumps by Guess, a Louis Vuitton vintage envelope clutch, diamond studs, and a bold red lip. Chloe describes her style as “unique; I like everything from preppy to edgy. I like mixing it up a lot.” She draws her inspiration from stars like Blake Lively, magazines like Vogue and Nylon and says that if she sees “a look in a magazine that I like, I ask how can I make it my own.” Chloe likes to shop at stores like Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Saks, and H&M because she “like[s] the variety, especially at Urban.” When asked what she’s looking forward to this spring, Chloe replied, “I just bought a pair of high-wasted navy floral-print pants from H&M and I’m really excited to wear them.” 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Never fear, "Stay All Day" is here

I think one of the more important things a girl should learn in her life is how to do her eyeliner (liquid eyeliner that is) with a steady hand. Of course this may take years of practice almost as many as it takes one to obtain the skill needed to do ones own nails, but nevertheless it remains a most useful study. I have of course spent years on perfecting my cat-eye but as might be expected there have been bumps along the way. Having become a serious user of crayon eyeliner in the 8th grade, I then moved onto black liquid eyeliner in my college years. Afflicted by a troubling past of blue eyeliner from my high school days looming at feet, it was time to step over my misfortunes and dawn a new era. I spent nearly two years recovering form my "dark blue days" and of course it wasn't easy. Numerous q-tips were on hand for every time I misstepped. However I am pleased to inform you I have recently discovered the existence of a make-up miracle that makes it relatively easy to put on liquid eyeliner, even for a beginner. Available at Sephora, Stila's "Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner" promises not to smudge or chip away for a whole day's wear. It also promises us that it is waterproof. This however, is doubtful for there is no such thing I assure you.

Stila "Stay All Day" liquid eyeliner, Sephora $20

Chanel 3176 eyeglasses

I've recently made an appointment with an eye doctor. Not because I can't see, or have trouble viewing things, but because I think that a trendy pair of eyeglasses are the perfect addition to a fashionable wardrobe. And I believe the trendiest pair that one can buy, is none other than the Chanel 3176 eyeglasses. They may be expensive, but they're classic. So classic that you can wear them for years to come and not feel as though your eyewear has become "out of date" or "uncool." My personal favorite colors/shades that the optics come in are colors 501(basic black), 502 (tortoise shell) and the sleeper hit here, 677 (transparent gray). I feel smarter just thinking about my new pair of shades.

Dr. Martens 1460 Boot

I've blogged about them before, I've been obsessed with them for so long... so why haven't I gotten them yet? Am I afraid of what people might think when they see me wearing them? Will they in turn look overly bulky on my feet? I'm not sure of these questions. What I am sure about however is that I can definitely see myself wearing "smooth cherry red Doc Martens" with black skinny jeans, and a gray crew-neck, walking along the city streets going to the drugstore or doing some last minute shopping in Back Bay before getting dressed up for a night out. The thing is, I don't plan on wearing these boots as a statement. I plan on wearing them to make me look cooler than ever, and to give off an I-don't-care-thats-why-I-wear-Doc Martens- and not ballet flats to be comfortable kind of vibe. I think that they can be thought of as a sort of basic staple that everyone of a certain style should have in there closet, like the hipper, trendier version of moccasins or riding boots. Riding boots... overplayed by the way, but thats a story for another time.

Style Spotter #28

Business Management major, Marc Antoine, pairs clean lines and complimenting colors for a look that’s sharp but not over the top. Marc is wearing a comfortable gray cardigan found at a Boston thrift store, a sage green button down from Saks Fifth Avenue, and a pair of 514 slim straight Levis. To complete the look Marc adds green hued Generic Surplus lace-up boat shoes and an eye-catching light up watch. Marc describes his style as “simple, quality clothing… always color-coordinated but never ‘matchy-matchy’”.  He gathers inspiration from stars like Kanye West and Big Sean, calling their style “trendsetting but so simple… it’s not over the top or metrosexual.” Marc admits to flipping through GQ magazine occasionally for inspiration as well, and prefers shopping at H&M because their clothes have “a nice fit to them and are never too much [or] too flashy.” Marc’s favorite clothing item right now? A navy H&M cardigan “because it goes with almost everything in my closet.”

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Style Spotter #27

Biology major, Abi Newell, shows off her trendy and edgy style and proves that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like a million bucks. Abi paired American Eagle dark wash skinny jeans, with a black crew neck sweater from Old Navy, and a chic faux-fur vest also from Old Navy.  Brown leather lace-up booties from Rainbow add to her funky style, along with beaded feather drop earrings from Forever 21, and a cool wooden cuff from Payless. Abi likes to shop mostly at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Old Navy because “they have cute clothes for less.” She draws her inspiration from fashion magazines like Vogue, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and Cosmopolitan where she looks for “what’s in style and [tries] to find it at a cheaper price.” Abi’s fashion advice? “Don’t doubt your own style [and] don’t pay too much… you can always find something just as nice for less.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Style Spotter #26

Undeclared sophomore and self-declared “hot mess” Giuseppe Ciavarro, displays his basic and classic cool vibe with hints of Native American flare and one killer pair of boots. The New Jersey Native is wearing black skinny jeans from AllSaints, tucked into the iconic Dr. Martens Vintage 1460 boot, and a gray sweater found at “some thrift store.” His accessories include a Native American print scarf from Urban Outfitters, a similarly native inspired Pendleton duffle bag, and an array of bracelets including the Louis Vuitton “keep it” bracelet, classic David Yurman black onyx bangle, and a St. Theresa gold bracelet purchased at Alex and Ani’s on Newbury St.  Giuseppe describes his style as “all over the place. I never lean towards one style and I never limit myself.” When asked where he likes to shop he declares, “Usually where there’s a sale, there’s Giuseppe. I don’t care if it’s Saks or the Garment district- you can’t put a price on fashion.” Spoken like a true trendsetter.