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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Behind That Locked Door

I think George Harrison's album cover for 1970s 'All Things Must Pass' looks very retro-cool. He kind of reminds me of a groovy-chic lawn gnome. I'm serious; I want his outfit- everything from the boots, to the jacket, to the hat. The coloring is also great here. I don't know, but this album cover (and the album) seems to just speak to me. I was reminded of all this after seeing a show at the Paradise Rock Club for singer/songwriter, Lissie. Her opening act, Dylan Leblanc, covered George Harrison's "Behind That Locked Door" and I've become re-obsessed with it ever since. P.S. Another good cover of this song? Yim Yames' (Jim James from My Morning Jacket) solo album featuring exclusively all Harrison covers.

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