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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rainy Day Fall

Its cold, its rainy some days, and its fall. So what's a girl to do? Its way way to early to be breaking out those slush-proof winter boots, and way to cold/gross to be wearing flats or moccasins on a rainy day. Solution? Hunter Rain boots. These boots, known simply as "wellies" in the UK, are extremely popular across the pond (seeing how it mostly rains there) and finally catching on here. Of course celebrities like Kate Moss and the Olsen Twins (all of whom are my own personal style icons) have been wearing them for years. I bought a pair my freshman year in college when they weren't so popular and now I'm starting to see them around more and more. I can see why, they're super comfortable, extremely durable, and look great with any casual-inspired outfit.

Here are some pics of celebrities sporting the popular and trendy boots:

Of course the trendiest hunter boot of all is the "Jimmy Choo Hunter Rain Boot" in Black. These run for around $425, but don't worry the classic Hunter boot is only $125. 

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