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This Blog was created due to my obsession with list making and keeping all of the things I wanted to buy organized. Eventually there were just too many lists, so I decided to start this, a blog where I could keep all of my thoughts, ideas, and prospective shopping all in one place.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Style Spotter #6

Ting Yan Fung, an undecided freshman from Quincy, wears an eye-catching outfit inspired by her self-proclaimed “feminine and girly” style. Attracted to whatever clothing and accessories she likes, Ting Yan shops at Forever 21 and websites such as ebay, gravitating toward things that simply “catch her eye.” Ting Yan sports a faux fur jacket from H&M (and claims faux fur as her favorite trend of the Fall 2010 season), a short chambray zipper detailed dress purchased from a recent trip to Hong Kong, and patterned tights with simple beige boots to complete the look. Her accessories include the staple Louis Vuitton “neverfull” tote bag embossed with the classic LV monogram canvas pattern, and a black leather “bow tie” belt also from Hong Kong. Like a true fashionista, Ting Yan did not plan her outfit ahead of time but instead “grabbed whatever” out of her closet. With such dramatic and glamorous taste, her effortless style serves as an inspiration to us all.

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