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This Blog was created due to my obsession with list making and keeping all of the things I wanted to buy organized. Eventually there were just too many lists, so I decided to start this, a blog where I could keep all of my thoughts, ideas, and prospective shopping all in one place.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A 90's Comeback

If I don't get a pair of basic black leather boots for this fall I will be purchasing the next best thing- Dr. Martens. I know what your thinking, "ew gross," but you are wrong. The true fashionista knows how to put together a look that compliments and is complimented by these tough cookie shoes. The thing with Doc Martens is you need to have a somewhat alternative or grungy style, that being said it doesn't mean you can't dress trendy and girly in order to wear these shoes. The combat boot trend is very big this fall with many brands making the style their own. The thing with me is I like to go with the original- the brand that started it all in the early 90's grunge fashion era. (Dr. Martens have actually been around since the 40s and were invented by German doctor, Klaus Martens.) Anyway since the boot is very on trend this fall, this means you can pair them with other fall 2010 styles, and while your at it why not counter the look with a flowy feminine top and some skinny jeans? Here are some ways to work this look:


  1. LOve the picture....My favorite is the 5th picture down from the paragraph!!!!!!

  2. Christina, I love how you have pictures of real girls on your blog and not celebrities. It makes me realize that us "normal" people can be fashionable too!

  3. Aw man, I saw a 90's comeback and I just got happy. I mean come on, what part of the 90's was bad? It's nice to see the Doc's get some love tho, it's been a long time since I've seen someone who doesn't work at Newbury Comics wear them.