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This Blog was created due to my obsession with list making and keeping all of the things I wanted to buy organized. Eventually there were just too many lists, so I decided to start this, a blog where I could keep all of my thoughts, ideas, and prospective shopping all in one place.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Someone i wholly draw fashionable inspiration from, is the Andy Warhol/ Bob Dylan muse, Edie Sedgwick. Her signature bold earrings and accessories, mixed with simple pieces in shades of gray and black are impeccable. Her furs and stripes prompt association with this fall's faux fur and sailor stripe trends. Edie almost always sported tights, with some sort of unitard, and a shirt over it all. You can do something similar to the muse's unkept chicness by wearing a pair of black american apparel leggings with a striped blue and white cotton shirt over it, paired with ballet flats. But don't forget the big chandelier earrings.

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