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This Blog was created due to my obsession with list making and keeping all of the things I wanted to buy organized. Eventually there were just too many lists, so I decided to start this, a blog where I could keep all of my thoughts, ideas, and prospective shopping all in one place.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The other mystery of Etta Place

I just watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for the first time this weekend... and I loved it. I work as a waitress at a rib joint, and all along the walls are different pictures from old westerns. There has always been one picture on the wall that I've wondered about since my days of working there during high school. There was a girl in the middle dressed as a cowboy, but she still looked so beautiful. Turns out on Wednesday I had a table- my last table at the end of the night, and the man sitting there started identifying a lot of the pictures so I started talking about the ones I knew and the movies I had seen. I finally asked him about the picture that always intrigued me... he responded to  me by saying, "Oh come on, don't tell me you've never seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Its a classic, you gotta see it." So as it turns out I had put it on my list of movies to watch especially after discovering that it was On Demand last week. As it happens that beautiful girl from the middle of the picture is Katherine Ross, also from one of my other favorite movies, The Graduate. That picture makes me want to dress up in a pair of worn in Levis, my old riding boots, and get on a horse riding through the Old West. I love everything about it, and am so happy my mystery has been solved.
P.S. Did you know that Robert Redford named The Sundance Festival after his role as the Sundance Kid in this movie?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Style Spotter #3

Proving that comfortable and polished can co-exist within the same outfit, Tatiana, a Political Science major here at UMB, sports black skinny jeans purchased off a U.K. website, a grey cotton Henley, black ballet flats, and a black wet seal blazer to tie it all together stylishly. Her accessories include a brown leather hobo from gap, silver framed aviators, and a chunky silver boyfriend watch.  Tatiana, who likes to shop at places such as H&M and Zara, draws her inspiration from European fashion websites and believes in mixing and matching affordable pieces with one expensive stand out piece. Her classic/comfortable style is perfect for a school day and perfect for this week’s style spotter.

Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle, will Lindsay have hers on LA???

Is Lindsay Lohan, the new Frances Farmer? In the wake of Lindsay Lohan's most recent failed drug test it is being reported that she will admit herself into another treatment facility, this time for herself and not to avoid jail time. It seems that Lindsay will be attempting to break her vicious cycle of court dates, rehab, and jail time, but is it for real this time? Although I am routing for the actress I do believe her career is beginning to parallel with another infamous starlet, Frances Farmer. Frances Farmer who has been immortalized in pop culture with Nirvana's song "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle," met a horrible fate after being forced into a mental hospital where she received shock treatments, and finally a rumored lobotomy. Of course this is 2010 and rehabilitation centers remain a far cry from the mental hospitals of the 1940s. Frances Farmer would see a string of arrests for drunk driving and assaults, and the her star began it's decline. Lindsay Lohan's star is of course nowhere close to that of a rising celebrity, but is instead closer to the rising infamy comparable only to Frances Farmer.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tights and Shorts, A Do or a Don't

Tights under jean shorts??? I've long pondered this question especially during the summer/fall transitionary period.  Is this trend a do, or simply a don't that should be left in the 80's along with neon cotton apparel, acid jeans, and teased hair.  I could see this working with the right shoes, and if the rest of the ensemble is kept simple and chic. Maybe some boots, and lots of black? I can picture wearing this outfit on an afternoon shopping excursion, or a matinee downtown, but never as an outfit fit to impress. Regardless, here are some pictures of this trend done right:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seeing Double

The double-breasted CAMEL coat is a must have for this fall. Camel being the neutral color it is gives this coat the ability to go with almost any outfit, and bring it from casual to expensive. So classic. This coat is a staple for the upcoming winter of 2010-11. Camel is the perfect 'in between color' for winter-not snow white and not as dreary as black or dark gray. With fans such as Blake Lively and Kate Hudson alike, this coat can be kept minimal or glamorous. Add a bright scarf, a sleek pair of calfskin boots, something leopard, whatever anything goes.


Someone i wholly draw fashionable inspiration from, is the Andy Warhol/ Bob Dylan muse, Edie Sedgwick. Her signature bold earrings and accessories, mixed with simple pieces in shades of gray and black are impeccable. Her furs and stripes prompt association with this fall's faux fur and sailor stripe trends. Edie almost always sported tights, with some sort of unitard, and a shirt over it all. You can do something similar to the muse's unkept chicness by wearing a pair of black american apparel leggings with a striped blue and white cotton shirt over it, paired with ballet flats. But don't forget the big chandelier earrings.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Style Spotter #2

A firm believer that accessories have the power to transform almost any outfit, English major Julie sports a wonderfully chunky gold choker necklace from Banana Republic and a large (also gold) anthropology cocktail ring. The rest of her outfit she kept simple, wearing a fantastic modern cropped military jacket from Ann Taylor, a gray button-down blouse from American Eagle, J-Crew jeans, and a pair of casual and school friendly Havaiana flip flops.  Julie, who works as a consultant at Vera Wang’s Back Bay location, describes her style as somewhere between classic and edgy, and names both Vera and Audrey Hepburn as her style icons.


My new bag! A couple months ago I was obsessing over a couple different crossbody bags. They're super popular right now and very on trend for fall. I originally wanted the small Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Nugget leather crossbody. However, after I saw the MBMJ Hillier Hobo I was sold. The Hillier Hobo is bigger, has a handle in addition to the crossbody strap, and as for good looking bags its utterly gorgeous. I bought it from Bloomingdales the other week and have been wearing it ever since!

Here are some celebs also sporting my bag-

Kate Beckingsale

Blake Lively

Jennifer Garner

Miley Cyrus

Friday, September 10, 2010


OKay some might say tacky... but i definately say fierce. The faux leopard fur jacket has seen plenty of seasons but this fall 2010 will be it's most memorable year I'm sure. Everyone has worn one from first lady and style icon Jackie O, to Mary-Kate Olsen and my own personal style icon Kate Moss. I picture this coat with black levi skinny jeans, flats, and a neutral colored top. Over the top yet understated... if thats even possible. Personally I have my eye on this one from Urban Outfitter's line Sparkle and Fade-,&navCount=0&navAction=jump&color=&pushId=TRENDS_FALLCAT_W&popId=TRENDS_FALLCATALOG&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Style Spotter #1

So I also have started writing for the "Style Spotter" in my school newspaper mass media. This is the first time anything like this has been a part of the arts and style section and its basically going to evaluate the street style of real umass boston students around campus. I take a picture, I pretend I'm writing for "fashion copycat" in lucky magazine and bada bing bada boom. Anyway heres my first one so far:   

    In the fashion purgatory I like to call the summer/fall transition period, a Chemistry major named Katie seems to have gotten it right. With a self-proclaimed style she refers to as "varied" and a complete disinterest in brand names and designers alike, Katie has put together an outfit based on a wardrobe of garment district thrift and "clothing swaps" with friends.     
    On a cold and rainy day not long before the start of the semester, Katie combined layers of clothing, which is the key to transitioning from one season to another. She wore a long-sleeved gray cotton shirt with a tasteful linen scarf in green. The bottom half of her outfit she kept light, tucking dark leggings into tall black leather boots with gold hardware accents. 
    Katie's outfit proves that switching seasons is about light layering and that looking fashionable doesn't always mean brand names.