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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 8th, 2010- Lady Gaga's latest video premiers and already has over a mill and a half in views just in its first day. No doubt it will go on to tie if not surpass Bad Romance which currently holds the record for the most viewed video in youtube history. Word on the street is that Gaga's Alejandro is representing gays in the military, Spanish independence, the Roman Catholic Church, and Madonna. Yes, Madonna's influence is all over the Lady's video, and it looks like Express Yourself (when Gaga dances solo in the black pants and top) and Like a Prayer (Gaga dressed as nun, and other religious themes) are heavily present. Not only are Madonnas video's reprised with Gaga's twist of approval and admiration, but in one of the very last scenes Gaga sports a cone bra... a bit different from Madonna's cone bra however. Anyway I'm not tryin to say that Gaga copied Madonna, I just think that Gaga was paying her homage and acknowledging the mark that Madonna has made on pop culture and the music video genre. I'm a little monster who loves Madonna so I think this is great.


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